Honestly, filming the Pumpchkin conspiracy theories was too much fun for me. Yes, it took me about 20 minutes to make but still, YAS.

The truth behind it all – what did happen to Pumpchkin? Now I know, I’m boring you to death but trust me, it gets pretty juicy.

Some deleted scenes of my video included me basically stalking Pumpchkin’s YouTube page and me watching more “I’m Pumpchkin!” videos. Honestly, those videos were so bad, but had to kinda act like I was interested, so I made many jokes about the girls pretending to be her. Now I was trying not to be rude, but it was SO HARD! Here are some quotes of the video:

“Ugh I hate her soy mich much”

“Omg that evil b***h. She only got famous after befriending a user. smh”

“First off, betch you ain’t no pumpchkin ’cause you see the way you mother f**king dress? Pimpchkin is like totally rich and you look like you live outside of a Walmart. Sorry booh”

“Haha that fake ass b***h.”

“She’s like the Trump of MSP”

“That’s photoshopped af; wtf the background hella blurry but the text is as HD as my p***y”

“(Video) – “YOUR N.O.T.H.I.N.G!!!! SAY IT WITH ME!!! NOOOOOOOTHING.” (Me) – “lol ME!; jk don’t unsubscribe”

“Omg the thumbnail looks like a porn shoot no offense; Omg the hate in this video”

As you can clearly see I was super mean. I didn’t mean anything I said, somebody must’ve done something to my Chicken McNuggets I was eating while making this video.

Anyways I love you guys and subscribe because I try to upload every other day!




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